Two Workshops for Family Carers – CIT

Two Workshops for Family Carers – CIT

Mindfulness & Relaxation
This four week course will explore ways to create more time for ourselves despite often having to juggle competing demands and caring for a family member. Taking time to care for ourselves is time well spent for our well-being and health. Each week there will be a discussion on various aspects of mindfulness and meditation and the benefits of relaxation.

Each session will include practical exercises and conclude with a relaxation practice or mindfulness exercise. Click here to access the flyer.

This course is about gaining an understanding of how our emotions affect us and how we can use them to improve the quality of our life. The price we pay when we shut down our emotional expression can be loss of energy and passion for life and feelings of tiredness and fatigue or disease. Also expressing too much emotion or letting our emotions overwhelm us can be damaging to our relationships, wellbeing or success in life.

The technique of Meridian Tapping will be discussed and The Tapping Solution DVD will be played in week 2. This method for emotional freedom is easy to learn and literally taps into your body’s own energy.

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