There’s More Than One Way Into A Career In Healthcare

When we think about careers in healthcare, advanced degrees will come to our minds. There is a misconception that it is hard to enter the healthcare industry. Most of us do not know that there’s more than one way into a career in healthcare. We will discuss the possibility of entering the healthcare industry with different levels of education.

Transferable skills

Some people think it is late for them to join the healthcare industry because they have completed a degree or diploma that is not related to the field. They must understand that some subjects are common in healthcare degrees and other healthcare courses. You can use common credits to enter the healthcare industry. After checking your transferable skills, you can complete some advanced certificates to enter the healthcare industry.


When you consider healthcare education, there are four levels of certificates. Level 1 and 2 are beginner certificates. To enter the healthcare industry, you will need an advanced certificate on levels 3 and 4. You have to spend up to 1 year in the certificate course.


The second level of education is called a diploma. You have to spend one or two years to complete the diploma course. You are going to have a lot of options regarding healthcare when you are selecting the diploma. When it comes to a healthcare career, a diploma is considered better than certificates.


When you want to enter the healthcare industry with full qualifications, you should select the degree programs. Most of the healthcare specialization programs are degree-based. The lowest degree is called a bachelor’s degree. You have to spend four years to get this degree. Other degree programs include Masters and Doctorate. You have to go to the university to complete an advanced degree program like Masters and Doctorate.

Choosing a program

As there is more than one program that allows you to enter the Healthcare industry, more than one field can help you enter the healthcare field. Physicians, pharmacists, and nurses are not the only staff working in the hospital. Hospitals require different categories of staff to run the operations. Many administrative positions are available in the healthcare industry. Professionals with psychiatric specialization are also considered necessary in healthcare settings.

Basic healthcare education

In healthcare education, we consider three pillars of the healthcare industry. Pharmacists, nurses, and physicians are the pillars of the healthcare industry. To become a physician, you have to complete 5 or 6 years of education with a one-year training. To become a nurse, a 4-year nursing bachelor’s degree is mandatory. To become a pharmacist, you have to complete a degree program in pharmacy. It can take five to six years of your time.


If you want to enter the healthcare industry’s administration section, you are not required to complete the degree program. You can complete a level 3 certificate in healthcare administration. You can get an entry-level job in a hospital or other healthcare settings in this way. Specific healthcare administrator jobs require degree programs. It is better to target the field before selecting your education program.


To become a certified nutritionist, you have to complete a degree program that specializes in healthy subjects. You can become an assistant in nutrition with a certificate, but a degree is required to become a licensed nutritionist. You may have to spend up to five years in a degree program to become a licensed nutritionist.

Community health

There are multiple ways to get selected for community health jobs. You can complete a level 3 certificate program in community health. Having a two years diploma or a degree can also help you get a job in community health. In the certificate program, you have to do some volunteer work before getting a full-time job. Experience has more value in this field.

Mental health

There are a lot of psychiatric patients in the hospital. Some centers are specialized in handling these patients. Having a diploma or bachelor’s degree in psychology can help you become an employee in these institutes. You can also do a certificate program to become a helping staff in these institutes.