About Us

Here at Carers Voice we aim to work with carers to effect change for a better system of support for families caring for someone with a mental illness.

We do this: 

  • by working with mental health carers through consultation processes
  • through advocacy work
  • by supporting carer representatives on ACT and Federal committees
  • by keeping members up to date on mental health issues

The Carers Voice website is a component of the Carers Voice program. It aims to facilitate information sharing for, and between, members of the Carers Voice program

Although the mental health system in the ACT is considered to be one of the best in Australia, there are still many elements of the service system, and the inclusion of carers in treatment and the recovery process, that can be improved.

Read more about the mental health system in the ACT.

Carers ACT

Carers ACT hosts the Carers Voice program. Carers ACT is the voice for family carers in the ACT, including mental health carers. Carers ACT provides a range of services for carers such as counselling, support and other groups, respite, etc. For more information on the services Carers ACT provides go to: www.carersact.org.au

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